Sickest House Vol 3. | Friday, November 9, 2018
Price: $15-$25
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If you see beauty in an ominous smirk,
If you feel warmth in the idea of cold,
If a sound system provides more comfort than anything would,
Leaving you reborn, and anything but old.
If darkness is your candle…

Then pay attention.

After 3 consecutive years, TGS is proud to showcase their biggest carnival to date. A collective gallery of art forms, visual to aural, sense to soul and mind. Bridging the gap between yang and yin, the contrasts of our world.
We see love in the darkest shadows.

If you’re ready for a journey that will twist your soul into a slip as you face your demons, then be sure to be in The Woods for an extra Halloween treat. Come be a part of the carouse, come be a part of the art. Come be a part of Sickest House. Be where you’ve always needed to be to release yourself into the reality of darkness.

As always, we have lined up the best Bass producers that have been venturing through Canada for the past year, as well as producers bringing new sounds and styles, complimented by Art forms that will bring you back centuries to where humanitarianism most strongly believed in spirits and spells.

Let us pull at your cerebellum, gargle your acids and strain your bones.
Sickest House is a museum you have craved to be a piece in.

Inviting all but the uneducated.
The philistine
As well as the ignorant.

This is for our friends,
Not for the weak at heart.

This is Sickest House.

Installations by:
Headliners TBA
Liquid Wiccan
The Birdcage
Deep, Dark & Dangerous
High Apparel Collective
RDM Productions
More TBA

This insidious phantasm will surmise just half a clock westward from the heart of Nelson, British Columbia. Where you will find yourself amongst the town of Castlegar. Then on the street corner, the portal into The Woods awaits you. Camping will not be available for our event this year as our usual outdoor event has moved indoors, so shuttles bound and back from the town of Nelson have been arranged for the duration of the night.
We advise all patrons be fully rehearsed with a location of accomodation prior to your vacation.

No B.Y.O – To ensure an innocuous and congenial time for all, alcohol consumption will be monitored through event staff behind the bar.
No Tripping – It’s a dangerous world out there with a rich profusion of hazards. So please, pick up your feet.
A 19+ Event – Please have valid government issued I.D with you.

Sunrise Crow: $15 (Until Sep 23rd)
Advance Tickets: $20
Door Entry Price: $25
Shuttle Price: $10 return

Tickets and Packages available online at

For specialty orders, message TGS.

For more information on previous Sickest House events, check out our Facebook page.