Woofax and Chuurch. Support Strange Future Decompression Party | Saturday, August 18, 2018
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A week after Shambhala the party reunites! Join your camp crew at the Woods for a night of BASS headliners from 2 of the BIGGEST stages at Shambhala!

\\ Woofax //
Circus Records, Westwood Recordings, Impossible Records
For over a decade, Woofax was the major musical creative force behind the electronic music groups Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean. He has written, engineered and consulted dozens of hit electronic tracks in various genres. His latest release “Spoiler Alert” charted #1 for weeks on the Beatport Glitch hop charts. Under his pseudonym Tremourz, he released charting hit singles including the North American dubstep anthem, “Sexy Party” with J Rabbit and his own Terravita remix of the same song. His original music and involved projects have been licensed to entertainment on networks such as FOX, MTV, CBS, Netflix and more.
As well as being an international electronic writer,producer and performer, Woofax is also a celebrated mixing and mastering engineer. His diverse list of clients includes Firepower records, The Funk Hunter’s Westwood recordings, and the GRAMMY award winning artists The Crystal Method. He helped engineer many songs from the beginning of Dillon Francis’ career and consulted and assisted mastering on Excision “Codename X” album. On top of all that he works closely with the internationally acclaimed loudspeaker company PK sound. WOOFAX is here to bring awesome music of all sorts to old and new friends alike with skills, style and energy. This lifelong electronic music architect invites you to join the party!

\\ Chuurch. //
When whispers of their name first emerged early in 2016, it caught the attention of many. This mysterious duo materialized out of a murky cloud of intrigue, establishing themselves as trendsetters in electronic music. After a chance meeting, Jeff Willson and Justin MacLean started collaborating on production not knowing what would soon come of it. While both have a long history as solo producers and prolific live solo performers, working in a partnership was something neither had done before. Coming from very different musical backgrounds the two surprisingly found creative inspiration in the studio almost immediately. These two artist eventually shared one ultimate vision with one goal in mind: Create the best and most authentic music possible.

Recently remixing huge names like illenium and Zeds dead on Deadbeats. You will be seeing alot more of these guys as they forge a path for global domination.